Custom-made Display Protection

Special Solution and customization

Industrial quality

Quality tested

Display protection according to international quality standard DIN ISO 9001

Extremely durable and reliable

High Temperaturbestänidgkeit

Resistant to fats, oils and solvents

Personalized Display Protection

Individual personalization

Logos, texts, numbers, graphics-individual identification and personalization

Discussion about plastic waste

Current discussion about plastic packaging waste Plastics as civilisation waste We would like to take the current discussion about plastic packaging and its waste as an opportunity to comment on this global problem. we ourselves

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Industry customer relies on OnScreenhybrid glass

OnScreen Hybrid Glass for Industry Industry Major customer convinced of OnScreen® Hybrid GlassAfter an intensive test over 4 weeks, our industry customer with three letters in his name (we are not allowed to mention the name for data protection reasons) was convinced of the...

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

Video Extreme Test OnScreenHybrid Glass