Standort der Neoxum GmbH - Hersteller Displayschutz
Produktionsstandort der Neoxum Gmbh in Mindelheim im Allgäu


Business address and production location

Neoxum GmbH
Trettachstr. 2
87719 Mindelheim
Deutschland / Germany

Phone:   +49-(0)8261-22988770
Fax.:       +49-(0)8261-2298875


About us

For more than 13 years, Neoxum GmbH has been manufacturing high-quality display protection films made of recyclable PET with a very high surface hardness. Innovative products, such as the glass-hard and yet flexible display protection made of high-quality hybrid glass, a composite system of glass and high-tech film, complete the portfolio.

In addition to the range of commercially available devices and their displays, we also manufacture customized solutions ranging from single pieces to large volumes.
We can offer you or your customer not only the different versions (AGS = reflection-reducing |
AS = crystal clear), the protective films can also be provided with individual engravings, such as logos and / or text.