Medicine and medical Technology

Display protection for medical and medical devices

High-quality display protection, in the world of medical devices, is increasingly used on highly sensitive devices.

Modern patient care is increasingly supported by electronic devices such as Tablet PC or MDE devices (MDE = Mobile data acquisition).

Here it is particularly important that no germs are displaced on the surface of the mobile touch screens or can be removed by means of standardized disinfectants. The use of sharp disinfectants is not always conducive to the often very sensitive device displays. In particular, if additional mechanically scrubbed or abundant amounts of disinfectant are running in the surrounding frame covers, a Neoxum protective film tested for the industrial purpose is very valuable.

Test report resistance display films against disinfectants and solvents


Medical Devices in clinical life

Through extensive internal tests, as well as customer application testing, we were able to prove that Neoxum screen protection films, both in the anti-reflective AGS, as well as glass-clear as variants, also withstand aggressive cleaning and disinfecting agents.

Detailed chemical and physical tests and application reports, such as climate change tests, can be obtained from us upon request.

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

Video Extreme Test OnScreenHybrid Glass