Sales displays and self-service terminals

Anti-glare effect

Shopping in a store today is connected with a life style experience. More and more manufacturers and brand stores are using digital sales display technology, such as self service terminals or e-commerce terminals, to present their high-quality products. Especially in fashion stores, department stores, shoe shops but also DIY stores and supermarkets rely on large format digital signage and sales displays. Well-known LifeStyle brand manufacturers rely on robust and professional display protection from Neoxum.

Shops can present the entire product range in a customer-friendly way in the self-checkout in a very small (and unfortunately more expensive!) area with the help of digital technology. The mirrored presentation screen is equipped with a Anti-glare film from Neoxum readable again. The customers will thank you for it. Large-format digital signage displays that mirror are an ordeal for customers and viewers. Neoxum anti-glare films are extremely robust and also suitable for outdoor use.

Scratch protection

Daily exposure to hard objects (keys, zippers, rings, anti-theft systems, etc.) will cause scratches on the display surfaces. Neoxum diplay protection offers effective protection against scratches. OnScreen ® Hybrid glass is the non plus ultra in terms of scratch protection for surfaces. The flexible material is provided with a glass-hard coating that gives a surface hardness of 7H.