Antiviral and antibacterial screen protector film

Antiviral effect of Neoxum AntiViral display protection film - destroys SARS-CoV-2 virus (Corona) on the surface

The patented antiviral and antimicrobial coating of embedded nanoscale active copper ions is effectively effective against viruses, bacteria and germs. Within minutes, the number of corona viruses is massively reduced and the viruses, pathogens and bacteria are killed continuously on the display surface.

Neoxum antiviral and antibacterial display protection is the offers continuous disinfection of displays and touchscreens

In addition to the hygiene measures with which we are all familiar, the reduction of contact transmission of pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus including mutants (corona virus), represents an essential aspect of efficient hygiene protection. Germs, pathogens, viruses and bacteria accumulate on surfaces, especially touch surfaces such as screens and displays. After just a few hours and days, unmissable concentrations of pathogens form on surfaces. Highly frequented areas in particular are sometimes heavily contaminated by public traffic. Handles, door knobs, table surfaces and similar surfaces are contaminated by many people with different germs and pathogens. Our immune system usually copes well with this. However, if the viral load or general pathogen load exceeds an individual level, this can lead to an infection.

The germ formation becomes extremely visible with the mouth-nose-coverings ("masks"), which are taken on and off naturally again and again and thereby viruses, bacteria, fungi from the mouth-nose-area get on surfaces. A recent study by US scientists[1] shows that even the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus can survive on surfaces for several days. Another study by London Metropolitan University[2] already came to the conclusion in 2018 that fecal bacteria were found on touchscreens of a well-known restaurant chain, which were carried away by visitors.
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Effective against viruses and bacteria

Effectively effective against, among others, coronaviruses, influenza viruses, noroviruses, Staphylococcus and E.Coli. The effect of the antiviral film occurs immediately after contact with the pathogen. Within a few minutes, the pathogen load, or viral load, is significantly lowered and the risk of infection is decisively reduced. So it always depends on the concentration: our immune system can cope with a few viruses. With too many, however, it may no longer be able to cope alone.

Durable antiviral and antibacterial cell phone film

Antiviral and antibacterial film material

Antiviral and antibacterial film material

Coronaviruses are destroyed

Mechanism of antiviral effect of Neoxum antiviral effective protective film

Viruses have a protective layer that contain the infectious viral DNA/RNA within a lipid envelope or capsid protein layer (non-enveloped virus).
Nanoscale copper particles generate copper ions (Cu++) that damage these protective layers, exposing the infectious DNA / RNA for destruction of the same.

A chemical reaction now takes place between the Cu++ species and atmospheric oxygen (O2). Reactive oxygen compounds, superoxides (O2-) and hydroxyl radicals (OH-) are generated intermediately.
The OH radical behaves like a bullet, causing enormous damage to the virus proteins and in the virus (DNA/RNA) by pulling electrons from surrounding species.

Copper has the ability to donate and accept electrons by alternately assuming the Cu++ and Cu+ states. This so-called redox behavior ensures the long-lasting active efficacy against viruses, bacteria and pathogens without the use of chemical disinfectants.

Layer structure of the antiviral display protection film from Neoxum

Technical data sheet antiviral and antibacterial screen protection film

Adhesive force80 -100 mN/2 mm
Transmission (light transmittance)88,5 %
Opacity6,3 %
anti virus activitysuperior, within minutes
anti-mikrobielle Aktivitätsuperior, within minutes
Efficiency anti-viral & anti-microbialwithin 5-45 minutes
chemical resistanceyes
usual cleaning agentsyes
Alcohol based disinfectantyes
Long term stability surface activityup to 12 months
adhesionSilicone adhesive layer
removable without residueyes

Fields of application for an antiviral and antimicrobial protective film

Überall da, wo wir Menschen in Interaktion mit Touchsdisplays, wie z.B. Computerkassen, Tablets, Bezahlsystemen, oder auch Automaten treten, begegnen uns Viren und Bakterien auf den Touchscreen Oberflächen. Eine auf das Touchdisplay aufgebrachte Neoxum AntiViral Folie stört in keiner Weise die Touchfunktion. Die antiviral wirksame Schutzfolie reduziert effektiv die Konzentration von Viren und Bakterien und trägt somit zum Schutz Ihrer Kunden und Besucher bei.
Stark frequentierte Oberflächen, wie Verkaufstheken in Supermärkten, beim Metzger oder Bäcker, die Griffe vom Einkaufswagen, die Türgriffe vom Händler um die Ecke weisen mitunter eine erhebliche Virenlast auf. Mithilfe der AntiViral Folie werden Viren und Bakterien auf den Oberflächen abgetötet. Damit trägt diese innovative und patentierte antivirale Lösung zum Schutz u.a. vor Corona bei.
Auch unsere weiteren Produkte, die glasklare Displayfolie und entspiegelnde Displayschutzfolie, sowie OnScreen® Hybridglass, lassen sich kontinuierlich mit konventionellen Desinfektionsmitteln desinfizieren.



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