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Display protection at the point of sale

Screens in advertising belong to the state of the art of the advertising industry. In all areas of the advertising industry we find interactive touchscreens, as well as large info screensThe visitors are invited to understand the product variety of the advertising manufacturer or dealer with their hands and fingers.

Reflections on the Display

Modern large-screen TVs, POS screens or even interactive touch screens often have the problem that they have a very strong reflecting display. In the case of unfavourable lighting conditions, e.g. in the Shopping centre on a window or in the shopping arcade at the entrance, the sunlight or the department store light can make a view uncomfortable or even impossible. Who hasn't experienced it already? There is advertising on the TV, which is perhaps quite amusing and interesting, but you cannot see anything because of the reflecting surface.

Reduction of display mirroring

With the help of a Neoxum anti-glare film applied directly to the display, display reflections are efficiently reduced. With the reflection-reducing protective film, annoying reflections can also be significantly reduced, as demonstrated by the following video with an anti-reflective film applied to a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro Tablet:

The content, which can hardly be deciphered on the reflecting display, becomes readable again through the Neoxum anti-glare film.

Use of cleaning agents and disinfectant solutions

Neoxum display protection films are easy to clean or disinfect with most conventional detergents and disinfectants without affecting the surface of the display or the films. The display surface remains as clean, hygienic and antibacterial as on the first day.

Hygiene at the POS – Point of sale display

The sensible use of disinfectants at the POS effectively reduces the number of germs and bacteria. Several studies have shown that the spread of health-endangering pathogens can be observed especially on touch screens and terminals. The contact of many people with touch displays carries the risk that pathogens can multiply unchecked if the culture medium, an uncleaned and disinfected display is present. Cleaning POS displays with disinfectants sometimes leads to impairment of the pure display surfaces. However, if the displays are protected with Neoxum protective films, owners and cleaners do not have to worry about whether the disinfectant is compatible with the protective film surface. We have tested our films intensively and can confirm that the special polymer is resistant to most commercially available disinfectants.

You will find Test reports on chemical resistance and resistance to disinfectants in the download area.

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

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