Sustainable management and environmental protection

Die Produkte der Neoxum tragen zum aktiven Umweltschutz unserer Kunden bei, indem die Lebensdauer von Displays und Touchscreens durch den Einsatz von effizientem Displayschutz deutlich erhöht wird.

The organization itself also contributes to active environmental protection by

  • active waste separation (paper, plastics, metals, organic waste, etc.) takes place and the proportion of commercial waste is reduced to an absolute minimum
  • use transportation packaging, in particular cardboard boxes, which we receive from our suppliers for the shipment of our products. The prerequisite is that the packaging is in good condition
  • Continue to use packaging material, especially filling material, such as bubble wrap, bubble cushions, paper, etc., that we received with our supplier shipments
  • the use of resource-saving IT hardware (virtualization) is pursued
  • Company vehicles are selected according to consumption values, among other things
  • If possible, the use of public transport is preferred.
  • optimized and scheduled customer and trade fair visits according to mileage can be arranged and completely

be included in the operational decisions.