Principles of Quality Management

Corporate policy is the basis of our actions. The successful management and operation of an organisation requires it to be managed and directed in a systematic and clear manner. The path to success is the active element – the management system – aimed at continuous improvement of performance by taking into account the needs of all interested parties.

Customer orientation

The organization works in a customer-oriented way and understands through presence at the customer (customer calls, customer visits, trade show visits by customers, etc.)  Therefore present and future requirements of customers, in particular their requirements. A professional processing, from the analysis of the customer requirements (problem solving) to the service, such as installation of display films and hybrid glass (glass protection film), is the declared goal. Customer expectations are not only to be met, but also to be tried at every request to exceed them, e.g. by extremely short response times to inquiries, very fast processing of projects and sample requests, proactive sending of Information materials, such as data sheets, test reports, etc. or through proactive customer needs analysis in the context of e.g. framework contracts.


The declared aim is to provide customer benefits through products and services:

  1. Increase of customer product life cycle through professional surface and display protection
  2. Increase sales opportunities for customers ' products with their customers by adding meaningful products (surface and display protection) and service (e.g. ODM production, assembly) of our customers to their customers
  3. Increase the readability of displays under difficult light or climatic conditions (e.g. anti-frost coatings, extremely stable hybrid glass or antireflective coating)


A modern and agile management of the Organization is responsible for the internal and external orientation of the company. It creates the conditions for employees to be committed to achieving the goals of the organization.

Involvement of all persons

The involvement of all employees of the company at all organizational levels is essential for economic success and for a continuous further development of the company.

Process-oriented approach

Our quality management is mainly focused on the design of the company's own processes. The orientation of the processes to customer requirements is an essential basis for a positive operating result. We encourage the awareness of our employees to follow the process orientation.


The company policy is available at any time and for every employee in the Web-based quality management system. Interested parties can be provided with the company's policy in printed form at any time in the current version.

System-oriented management approach

Recognising, understanding, managing and directing interrelated processes as a system contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation. The company's processes are clearly structured and supported by intelligent selection of user-friendly and modern software-based systems.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement of the overall performance of the organization is a permanent goal of the organization. Evident important processes are constantly monitored and evaluated via key figures.

Appropriate approach to decision-making

Effective decisions are based on the objective analysis of information and data.

Supplier relationships for mutual benefit

An organization and its suppliers are dependent on each other. Mutual benefit relationships increase value creation on both sides. There are clear rules for the procurement process.

Sustainable management and environmental protection

The Environmental protection is an important component of our corporate policy.

Responsibility of the management

The direct responsibility of the Executive Board ensures that the quality management system can achieve its intended results. Undesirable effects are prevented or at least reduced to a minimum. Errors in the system are systematically investigated with the aim of achieving continuous improvement of the management system. The management undertakes to comply with all requirements to which it is subject from a legal and normative point of view or which it has imposed on itself.

Dealing with opportunities and risks

The management undertakes to plan targeted measures to deal with opportunities and risks. It initiates the necessary activities for integration into the management system and pays attention to their implementation. The planning includes the way in which these measures are evaluated.

Quality Certificate

Our Quality Certificate, issued by Dekra, you can download from our website.


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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

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