Displays in the industry Application

A damaged device is more than annoying. That's why you protect devices in industrial applications as well as your own personal touch screen. With the help of a professional Neoxum surface protection film you can protect the very sensitive surfaces of industrial panels and significantly increase the lifetime of the device. Even when using a ballpoint pen. If, after a long period of intensive use, it is necessary to replace a damaged display protection film, this usually takes only 1-2 minutes and costs only a fraction of the repair costs of an original touch display. The original display always remains as it was on the first day - in perfect working order.

Touchscreen in rough industrial use

In industry, multifunctional displays are increasingly being used to control production facilities. Whether in the metal industry, the paint industry or the wood industry, if the display is mechanically damaged as a control unit, the complete system will fail for some time and this costs time, nerves and ultimately money. Careless employees who use pointed objects such as screwdrivers or ballpoint pens to operate the sensitive touch panels can scratch the display surfaces to such an extent that the display needs to be repaired. However, capacitive as well as pressure-sensitive industrial displays are also worn out over time by daily human finger contact.

Servicing and maintenance

Maintenance and servicing play a decisive role in the availability of production machines. Therefore, great importance is attached to maintenance and servicing. Very often maintenance work is intelligently supported by mobile companions such as industrial tablet PCs or smartphones. The interface, the display of the device is thereby put under a lot of strain: Operation with gloves or often with a ballpoint pen or other objects. After a few months the display has deep scratches or it already becomes dull in some places.

A professional display protection film from Neoxum can effectively prevent this damage. The extremely robust and strong special plastic withstands the most adverse mechanical loads. Under extreme climatic conditions, e.g. in the deep-freeze area or in winter, the protective film protects as it does at high temperatures.

Climate test report of an industrial customer of Neoxum