Neoxum films in use at food and beverage – food and beverage

Hygiene and cleanliness are absolutely essential in the food industry and in gastronomy

Hygiene and legibility in the food sector require professional display protection.

These demands are fully met by Neoxum display films. No matter whether it is antireflective or crystal clear, disinfecting the film surface is no problem.

A certificate of safety in indirect food contact according to guidelines of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BFR) can be found in the Download. Neoxum display films can be used in areas where hygiene and ongoing disinfection are extremely important: hospitals, food production, veterinary areas, large kitchens, slaughterhouses to name but a few.


Test report food contact

In particular, the insensitivity of the Neoxum protective film to common disinfectants (test report can be found at Download) protects the actual device display from daily wear and chemical stress.

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Test report Resistance to disinfectants and solvents

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