Display protection in transport and logistics

Display protection films for transport and logistics

The use of mobile data acquisition devices (MDE) in the transport and logistics sector is widespread in the meantime. Whether as a multi-function unit with route guidance or as stand-alone devices for the obligation of proof for delivery, mobile devices have a great potential for use.

Especially in the case of handheld devices of parcel services, on which we confirm the receipt of a consignment with our signature, damage due to improper use of the input devices is pre-programmed.

Renowned international logistics Companies Trust the Neoxum AGS display protection films with Reflektionsminderung and confirm that by using the Neoxum Protective film a 30% lower failure rate of the MDE devices could be achieved.

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

Video Extreme Test OnScreenHybrid Glass