Building, forestry and surveying

Rough areas of application in the construction industry

Surveying equipment used outdoors, e.g. in building construction, civil engineering or road construction, is exposed to high loads. They are constantly used and mechanically stressed in the construction and surveying industries for outdoor applications. Often the touch displays of the measuring instruments are operated with gloves. Strong solar radiation and the associated high level of light reflection can sometimes cause the readability of the display of precision optical electronic devices to suffer greatly. In extreme cases, measured values are not read correctly and transmitted inconsistently, which could have fatal consequences. The anti-reflection display protection film filters out disturbing reflections and considerably improves readability on the device display when exposed to sunlight. Special ruggedized devices in the construction industry are made even more robust and durable by Neoxum display protection.

Protection against mechanical damage

In addition, a Neoxum display foil effectively protects the touch display of a measuring device from mechanical damage. The extremely tough and wear-resistant 0.1 mm thick polymer composite not only prevents annoying scratches on the device display, but also protects against pointed objects or stones which could lead to a total failure in case of a fall. Expensive measuring instruments are effectively protected.

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

Video Extreme Test OnScreenHybrid Glass