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Current discussion about plastic packaging waste

Plastics as civilisation waste

We would like to take the current discussion about plastic packaging and its waste as an opportunity to comment on this global problem. We ourselves process approx. 50,000 square metres of PET plastic film per year into high-quality display protection. Despite optimisation of cutting contours and efficient computer-supported ecologically and economically sensible use of materials, a small remainder cannot be avoided as waste. However, we collect these remnants by type and recycle them in the regional plastic recycling system.

Responsibility for our environment and the world around us

Neoxum GmbH thus fully meets its responsibility to participate in active environmental protection. Our high-quality display protection also contributes effectively and demonstrably to significantly increasing the service life of electronic devices. With the help of the high-quality Neoxum display foil or the even more robust OnScreen ® Hybrid glass screens and displays of electronic devices are effectively protected against mechanical damage. Without exception, all our customers, including many well-known brands and companies, are convinced of our display protection. A very well-known name in the logistics industry equips its data acquisition devices worldwide with Neoxum display protection, thereby increasing the service life of the devices by more than 200%, simply because the touch display is no longer the weak point of the device. The main reason for repairs and temporary failures are now electronic. Display damage or error detection due to scratched touchscreens are a thing of the past.

Environmental protection is a top priority at Neoxum

Environmental protection has a very high priority at Neoxum GmbH.

"This aspect," says Andreas Hundt, Managing Director of Neoxum GmbH, "will be even more pronounced if our customers switch to a much more durable product, the OnScreen ® Hybrid glassa composite of multiple-coated plastic and glass. This material has an extremely high Surface hardness with 7H according to ISO 15184 and is thus extremely strong and again significantly increases the service life of the individual devices, especially their displays".

Extremely effective surface protection or scratch protection

Our customers also use Neoxum display protection as protection for high-quality surfaces, as they provide much better protection against damage than thin surface protection films or transport protection films. A typical transport protection film has a thickness of approx. 30-75 µm and usually consists of simple polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE). With a thickness of 0.13 mm (Neoxum display films) or 0.22 mm (Neoxum OnScreen ® hybrid glass), our professional surface protection is much stronger and therefore provides much better protection against mechanical damage to surfaces that are sensitive to scratches. Another key aspect is the use of only high-quality materials such as PET (Neoxum display film) and a PET glass composite (Neoxum OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass), which offer incomparably higher protection against mechanical stress than simple protective films. Expensive products are protected against damage by using sensible and high-quality surface protection. This makes a lasting contribution to avoiding waste. The number of defective products during production, storage and delivery decreases significantly.

OnScreen ® hybrid glass protects against sharp objects





OnScreen ® Hybrid glass

Very high temperature resistance





Extremely stable and robust high-performance material





OnScreen ® hybrid glass is extremely flexible, does not splinter and is extremely hard (7H)

OnScreen ® hybrid glass is also available as anti-reflective





OnScreen ® hybrid glass is extremely robust and stable, flexible and yet hard as glass






Recycling of valuable materials

Paper and cardboard

As a manufacturer, we naturally ship the manufactured display protection products to our customers worldwide. As shipping packaging, we mainly use the packaging that we receive from our suppliers in the delivery. The use of new, unused cardboard packaging is thus significantly reduced. Of course, when using already used cardboard boxes, we make sure that they are in a condition suitable for shipping and that the goods inside the boxes reach the recipient undamaged. If this amount of shipping packaging is not sufficient, we buy recycled packaging material from regional suppliers (maximum radius of 100 km). On the one hand, the pure paper waste is sorted and returned to the recycling process in the blue paper bin and has also been significantly reduced in recent years. By means of a very progressive digitalization in the company, as we think, the paper consumption is reduced enormously. We do not print out a single customer order or email. In principle we only print the delivery note and parcel labels. Thanks to our understanding customers we can send our invoices almost 100% digitally as PDF documents. Many thanks at this point!

Residual waste

Neoxum naturally assumes responsibility in this area as well.

"We are currently working with 7 employees in the company. These 7 employees produce just one 25-liter bag of residual waste in 2 weeks," says Pamela Boje, Neoxum sales representative. She continues, "Even though I have only been with the company for about half a year, I am aware of the idea of environmental protection and I am convinced of it, both privately and professionally.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid pursuing a 100% no-waste strategy in everyday professional life. But the results achieved are quite impressive.


Dr. Alexander Darga, the environmental officer and owner of Neoxum GmbH, says, "It is a matter close to my heart, both personally and for the employees in the company, to continue to promote environmental awareness. Today, our planet has a very heavy human burden to bear and if we are not careful and do not act decisively in all areas quickly enough, we will leave our children a legacy that none of us would ever wish for. Our children are determined to do a much better job of dealing with finite resources than any generation before them. With the "Fridays for Future" demonstrations our young generation is literally crying out for a radical rethink. Everyone can contribute!"  

From the Minister of the Environment The 5-point plan was presented to Svenja Schulze at the end of 2018. 2 of the 5 points alone have been implemented by Neoxum GmbH since it was founded in 2009 and have been incorporated into Corporate policy of the company integrated.

  1. We recycle all recyclable materials: paper, cardboard, wood, plastics, metals, plastics (sorted by type)
  2. An increase in the service life of end devices has already been confirmed by customers with up to 200%.
  3. Resource-saving use of energy through LED technology for lighting, use of virtualisation technology to reduce energy consumption