Germeringer Board – Every Help counts

As every year in the course of the yearly considerations for Christmas, we have decided not to send Christmas presents to our valued customers in silent agreement and instead to help the Germeringer Tafel in the form of a Donation Over 500 euros. The choice fell on the Germeringer table because the local reference is given (Germering is about 15 km from Schöngeising).

Handing over the donation to the board in Germering

At the beginning of 2017, the official handover of the 500 euro cheque was also held by Andreas Hundt (Managing Director Neoxum GmbH) to the head of the board in Germering, Mr. Jürgen Quest. In the following conversation with Mr. Quest, Andreas Hundt could also make an impression about the urgency and necessity of donating money.
"Over 1,000 needy people in the city area of Germering are cared for and cared for by the Germeringer board." Betrayed Mr. Quest to the Managing director of Neoxum GmbH. "However, we need to provide these 1,000 needy in the 2-week rhythm, because on the one hand we Capacity and, on the other, unfortunately we do not have enough donations to serve everyone in the week, "explained Mr Quest.

Volunteer work

Mr. Hundt also learned that all employees of the Germeringer Tafel carry out their work as pure volunteers and that, in addition to food distribution, the collection of food donations is also carried out, sometimes on a daily basis. Mr. Quest, who is now in early retirement, further explained that this task has now changed into a full-time job, but that he is absolutely satisfied and fulfilled. The director of the Germeringer Tafel, Jürgen Quest, thanked Neoxum GmbH once again for their generous donation, which again helps a great deal. Mr Hundt already promised that this would not be the last donation from Neoxum GmbH to receive the plaque.

Thanks to the customers of Neoxum GmbH

At this point, Neoxum GmbH would also like to thank its customers who have made this action possible at all. Thank you very much!


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