OnScreen ® hybrid glass in extreme test

We wanted to know. What does our hybrid glass actually withstand? Okay, we already knew that our flexible material is very pliable and therefore unbreakable. We had also determined the surface hardness at 7H. Damn hard and scratch-resistant. But how does it look in extreme tests? We had just recently received a customer enquiry which we thought was very extreme: Is our hybrid glass capable of protecting touch displays for controlling welding equipment in a welding shop from sparks, fire and dirt?

Flex against hybrid glass

After we searched our workshop for a flex, the test could almost begin. First we had to find a massive iron block, which we could work on with our Flex. After fixing the iron block on wooden pallets stacked on top of each other we could start. With the Flex (correct actually cut-off grinder!) we processed the piece of iron and created a proper hot spark which we directed directly onto the hybrid glass at a distance of about 60 cm. Speaking of hybrid glass: We produced the test object in a size of approx. 40 x 50 cm and mounted it directly on a silver-grey backprinted plexiglass plate without any bubbles, so that you could see anything at all. Otherwise we would have seen sparks on transparent glass, or rather not seen them because it is transparent!
Afterwards we wanted to know how our hybrid glass material performed naturally and whether it was still stable enough to be mechanically stressed. But how do we load it? Scratch tests are a dime a dozen. 7H surface hardness is super hard, we already knew that. Then we came up with a crazy idea: What happens if we hit the hybrid glass, which is already shot with sparks, with a hammer?

Hammer against hybrid glass

So now we had the second test in front of us: with a hammer we wanted to attack the hydride glass material with one powerful blow. We could not imagine that the special material could withstand a hammer blow, as glass typically breaks relatively easily, at least with a strong blow with a hammer. In various videos and forums the well-known bulletproof glass has already been tested and discussed. We knew that bulletproof glass breaks. How will our hybrid glass behave? In contrast to bulletproof glass it is very flexible.

Everything documented on video

Of course, as a manufacturer, you could make such a test look good. But of course we don't want that. That's why we have recorded all the tests, both the heat test with the sparks and the hammer test on video. The results took us completely by surprise. Despite massive bombardment with hot, still burning sparks, there is not a single hole in the screen protector material! Although there are some minor clouding in one or two places, the Plexiglas screen underneath didn't get a scratch. And, we shot the hybrid glass for a total of 6-8 minutes. In the video we shortened it to a few minutes (otherwise it would have been quite boring). We didn't expect in the least how the hybrid glass would perform in the subsequent hammer blow test - in the truest sense of the word. The violent hammer blow destroys the Plexiglas plate - but the hybrid glass remains firm. But see for yourself in the following video. Whoever does not believe it or does not believe us - test samples or material samples for your own tests can be provided by us with pleasure. You are welcome to send us contact.