Display protection for Beetronics monitors and touchscreens available

In response to numerous requests from our customers, we now offer our proven professional display protection for beetronics monitors and touch screens.

Professional and precisely fitting display protection for beetronics displays

For all current beetronics monitors and touchscreens we now offer our high-quality display protection. For the currently available devices we can offer our crystal clear anti-scratch filmswho Neoxum anti-reflective films (also with scratch protection)the industrially approved and tested reflection-reducing OnScreen hybrid glass Display protection or even the ultra-clear glass foil offer:

beetronics - 7HD7
beetronics - 7HD7M
beetronics - 7TS4
beetronics - 7VG3
beetronics - 8TS4
beetronics - 8VG3
beetronics - 9HDM
beetronics - 10HD6
beetronics - 10HDM
beetronics - 10TS4M
beetronics - 10TS5M
beetronics - 10TS6
beetronics - 10VG3
beetronics - 10 inch hd field monitor
beetronics - 12HD5
beetronics - 12HD5W
beetronics - 12HDM
beetronics - 12TS3
beetronics - 12TS3W
beetronics - 12TS4M
beetronics - 12TS5M
beetronics - 12VG3
beetronics - 13HD5
beetronics - 13HD5W
beetronics - 13HDM
beetronics - 13TS3
beetronics - 13TS4M
beetronics - 15HD2
beetronics - 15HD2W
beetronics - 15HDM
beetronics - 15TS5
beetronics - 15TS5M(1)
beetronics - 15TS5M
beetronics - 15TSM
beetronics - 15VGM
beetronics - 17HDM
beetronics - 17TS7M
beetronics - 17VG3
beetronics - 19HDM
beetronics - 19TS5M
beetronics - 19VG7M
beetronics - 22HDM
beetronics - 22TS5M

Application areas of beetronics monitors and touch screens

Use in the industry

Beetronics Monitors Touch Screens are successfully used worldwide in various situations and areas. Beetronics products are used among other things in Industry under harsh conditions is used. To protect the display surface even better, it is best to use a NEoxum display foil or Neoxum OnScreenhybrid glass to protect the display of the beetroniscs monitor or touch screen even better from mechanical damage. Thanks to the excellent Temperature resistance of Neoxum Anti-Scratch and crystal-clear display filmThe Made in Germany display protection protects the display in the best possible way, for example during welding or other production operations where the dispays have to go through a lot. OnScreen Hybrid glasses are flexible, extremely hard and enormously resistant to temperatures, mechanical processing and chemical stresses. Ideally suited when production is running at full speed and the touch screen has to work without exception, because every breakdown costs valuable machine time.

Use in transport and logistics

Constant stress on the display of beetronics monitors and touch screens can cause permanent damage. With professional anti-scratch films from Neoxum, in glass-clear or with anti-glare effect, you can effectively prevent display scratches and display damage.

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OnScreen ® Hybrid Glass in Extreme Test

We have subjected our glass-hard and nevertheless very flexible bullet-proof glass similar high-tech material to an extreme test. Here's the video.

Video Extreme Test OnScreenHybrid Glass