The brand OnScreen is now a brand of Neoxum GmbH

In the summer of 2015, the unique opportunity arose to take over the long-established protective film brand OnScreen ® (founded in 2006) including the modern laser production equipment from the Danto company. In addition to the production facilities and the full trademark rights, the complete customer base, consisting of well-known companies in industry, production, trade and media was taken over. Shortly after the takeover, the new laser systems were put back into operation at the new location in Schöngeising, and existing customers of the OnScreen ® display film brand were supplied smoothly and in best quality. In particular, the service concept of Neoxum GmbH, coupled with outstanding product quality, is highly valued by OnScreen® customers.

Informing customers about the acquisition of the brand OnScreen

In the coming weeks and months we will personally inform all former Danto customers about the takeover and hand over a small welcome present.
The OnScreen ® films have been rated very well in many product tests. You will find a small selection below:

Test report OnScreen slide

You will find a demonstration video about how the anti-reflective properties of the OnScreen ® display film work below: