Customized personalized screen protector

Customized Screen Protection - Made by Neoxum

Using a special laser engraving process, we can engrave any design, be it simple numbers or letters, as well as logos or graphics on our protective films to suit the customer's individual needs.

Custom personalized display film for digital cameras

For photographers, the possibility emerges to label the camera without inscribing the housing or the camera dispaly itself. The laser engraved foil is simply applied to the camera display with your name, agency or company. Logos or graphics can also be engraved in this way. The lettering or graphic is engraved into the surface of the display protection film by laser beam without affecting the function of the protective film. In contrast to printing processes, where the printed ink can peel off again, an engraving remains 100% on the film - even under the toughest conditions, such as those of professional photographers. The high-quality display protection from Neoxum continues to protect the device display of your electronic device and - in the case of the anti-reflective screen protecting film - effectively reduces annoying reflections on the display.