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Magazine 02/2020

ColorFoto test report February 2020

"Often it's enough to wear the camera on the strap around the neck or on the side of the shoulder: The display rubs against the open zipper of the jacket or a rivet of the jeans. And the first scratches appear. If there are more of them over the course of time, there is a risk of costly repairs at some point. It is therefore better to protect the display with a protective film while its surface is still flawless.[...] Thanks to an adhesive silicone layer on the back, the glass adheres to the display. The screen protector literally sucks itself in, but can be removed without leaving any residue if necessary. Neoxum's hybrid glass works on the same principle. In contrast to the MAS Protector, however, so-called hybrid glass is used here: a combination of a thin glass layer and plastic film. The hybrid glass is similarly scratch-resistant to "real" glass, but significantly more flexible. Neoxum also offers a choice of two protective glass versions: crystal clear und Hybridglass anti-glare matte. The second variant takes some getting used to because camera displays are usually only known with a glossy surface, but it definitely offers practical advantages. By the way, Neoxum also offers protective films for the display as an alternative to hybrid glass.

The MAS Glass Screen Protector is delivered in a flat, square plastic box with outer carton. In addition to the protective glass - protected on both sides by a peelable transparent film - the box contains two foil pouches with wet and dry cloth, two strips of "Cleaning Tape" and a plastic chip for removing air bubbles.

Hands on experience

The Neoxum hybrid glass comes in a glossy cardboard cover. There is only a protective film on the backside of the glass, where the silicone layer is located. That is also sufficient because you can clean the upper side from fingerprints or dust at any time. Wet and dry cloths are also included in the scope of delivery. The procedure is not witchcraft: First, you clean the display carefully, first with the damp cloth, then with the dry cloth. If you still discover single dust grains on the display, remove them with an adhesive strip or air brush. Then pull the protective film off the glass backside. This is quite easy with MAS due to the rigid material. With the flexible hybrid glass from Neoxum, you have to be careful that it does not slip out of your fingers and accidentally come to rest on the silicone layer. The trick is to align the protective glass exactly before it comes into full contact with the display. As soon as it fits, you first press the glass in the center with your thumb, then it almost sucks itself completely onto the display. If you still notice air bubbles underneath the glass, you can rub the affected area with light pressure from the inside to the outside, i.e. towards the edges of the glass. MAS supplies a small plastic chip for this, Neoxum refers to the use of a credit/EC card. The touch function of the monitor - if present - is not affected by the protective glass in any way.

Differences in detail

The goal should be to get the protective glass perfectly in position the first time, then the result is also visually flawless. As soon as you have to lift the glass again at a corner, a matte spot remains there - a sign that the contact with the glass surface no longer reaches the ideal state. There can also be problems with the rigid MAS protective glass when the display has small unevennesses or is not quite torsionally stiff.

The MAS product convinced with optimal fitting accuracy, whereas the Neoxum hybrid glass was slightly smaller than the display area of the test camera. This has advantages when you want to remove the glass later, but it could also be perceived as a cosmetic flaw. This is not an issue because Neoxum Your Inquiry is able to produce a tailor-made Hybridglas without additional costs and with a precision of 0.1 Millimeters.

Test report Neoxum OnScreen Hybrid Glass

ModelMAS Glas Screen ProtectorNeoxum OnScreen Hybridglas
AvailabilityMore than 70 modelsany camera model (custom tailoring possible)
MaterialOptical glass , app.0.7 mm thicknessHybridglass, 0.2 mm thickness
Type / Transmissionhighly transparent / 95%highly transparent / app. 94% | anti-glare app. 90%
Adhesive layerSiliconeSilicone
Price per pcs.30 Euro10 Euro
SupplierRetailer or direct sale ( distribution
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Neoxums Hybridglas is also available as reflection reducing option The transmission is somewhat a bit less, but there are no reflections as with clear glass.
Wenn das Schutzglas nicht auf der ganzen Fläche optimal haftet, z.B. wegen minimaler Unebenheiten, zeigen sich matte Stellen (Pfeil). Dann ist man mit dem flexibleren OnScreen® Hybridglass in der Regel besser bedient.
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