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Screen protectors are available in different forms and qualities - as display foils, as flexible glass or as glass foils (hard glass or bulletproof glass). In order to answer the most important questions about screen protectors in a condensed form, we have summarized them as FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions, you easily can contact us.

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Do I still have to cut the Neoxum screen protectors myself?

The screen protecting foils do not have to be cut to size yourself!  Both the anti-reflection AGS and the crystal-clear AS protective film are cut to fit precisely using state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment. Cutouts for camera lenses, microphones or speakers are taken into account as well as special corner radii or display shapes and dimensions. We cut your display protection foils as well as the hybrid glass to an accuracy of 0.1 mm, taking into account optimal mounting and all necessary edges, radii and recesses. Of course, we also manufacture special dimensions up to 3000 mm x 1000 mm (for example as privacy film or shatter protection film).

Cutouts for camera, microphone, sensors, outer contour

A modern touch display device with its sensor or microphone, but also a special sensor can do much more than just display an image. All these cut-outs, as well as the exact outer contour of the device display is taken into account with Neoxum products.

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