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Anti-reflective protective film

anti-reflex effect

Reflective displays are not only a nuisance, but according to the current Ordinance on Visual Display Units is even a serious problem, as disturbing reflections on monitors and screens lead to increased fatigue. Especially at windows, the incident daylight can cause enormous reflections on the monitor. Mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets or even measuring devices in the professional sector very often have reflective displays. All these reflections can be efficiently reduced with Neoxum anti-reflective foil, so that reading from the screen or display is possible without fatigue.

How the Neoxum antireflective film works

In the above video, the anti-reflection effect of Neoxum becomes very clear: by means of microstructuring of the film surface, incident light rays are efficiently scattered so that reading is possible again. The anti-reflective effect becomes particularly clear when you look at the bright light reflex of a lamp in the video above: the bright specular spot is reflected so strongly on the right-hand mirror surface of the Tablet PC that the image displayed on the tablet is no longer visible. If the light spot reaches the left area of the tablet with the anti-reflective film applied, the clear "mirror spot" is scattered. The screen content becomes readable again.

High protective effect

Neoxum anti-reflective protective films are extremely hard-wearing and robust. The 0.13 mm thick special plastic effectively protects sensitive displays from mechanical damage and scratches. The anti-scratch film protects the display from scratches. In the event of a fall, the anti-scratch display film can even prevent the display from splintering.

Refurbishment display using the example of a cash register

The AGS (anti-glare) display foil from Neoxum is able to cover traces of touch screen usage. Screens that have already been badly affected become usable again, as the scratch-resistant surface of the display protection film offers an optimal touch and writing experience.

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-35 °C to 110 °C

High temperature resistance

Display protection films from Neoxum are extremely temperature resistant. Both the anti-reflective film and the transparent protective film are temperature resistant between -35 °C and +110 °C and protect sensitive displays under harsh conditions. Independent tests of our customers in the cold chamber have shown that Neoxum display films function perfectly even after extreme stress and reliably protect sensitive touchscreens or displays from mechanical damage even in cold weather. Our protective films remain dimensionally stable at high temperatures or in cold weather. The anti-glare film does not lose its anti-reflective properties under any circumstances. Our transparent display film retains its high transparency.

Adhesion Display protection Neoxum


Adhesion of the Neoxum display protection film

The protective films adhere purely via physical adhesion forces, i.e. the films suck to the surface via a kind of "suction foot in the nanometer range", without any use of adhesives or glues. This adhesion is a fundamental phenomenon in the molecular range, which is caused by polar interactions at interfaces. The silicone adhesion layer of the Neoxum films is such that the films adhere perfectly to many smooth materials, such as plastics, metals, but also glass.

Removable without residue

Neoxum foils can be easily removed from all surfaces without leaving any residue.


Data sheet display foil

Data sheet Antiblend Film and Clear Film